Branding and Identities

Branding and identity are all around us—on Websites and product packaging…

tell me what’s really good all right logo a simple mark that lasts for years decades half a century and what do we want these things to last for a long time well it often costs millions and millions of dollars to change a logo entire structures are built around logos but also if the logo can stick around for a while over the years it can become a vessel that holds all the associations and the feelings that people have with the company it represents and people can develop quite a bit of emotional attachment to logos we call them identities for a reason so how do we create something simple that can endure.

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befull web mart my experience many people use those three terms interchangeably when they shouldn’t so let’s jump into the first one which is brand now the word brand can be described in many ways but i like to use the term that marty Niemeyer came up with he’s the author of the fantastic book called the brand gap i like marty’s explanation so much that i’ve actually copied the pages and stuck them onto the wall of my office so that when clients visit i can show them what exactly it is that full  web mart trying to help them with when it

comes to brand here’s what marty says a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product service or company so you can see from that statement that a brand is not a logo as many people believe it is more intangible than that it’s an emotion it’s a feeling that people have about your brand in addition to marty’s gut feeling statement he also says a brand is not what you say

Some companies use an actual and attractive style guide to keep their brand looking consistent. If you’re just getting started with design, it’s take a more casual approach. The main components of visual identity are: Logo, typography, images, and color. our designed logo is what identifies your brand using a particular mark, type design, or both. The most effective logos tend to be fairly