do not recommend WhatsApp to use it for Unauthentic Commercial purpose.

Why not to use WhatsApp marketing.

  • It’s illegal as per WhatsApp law for Indian users.
  • It can not maintain 100% delivery ratio because WhatsApp bannes mobile numbers on which unauthentic activities (commercial use for business promotion) found
  • It is costly than normal SMS marketing service
  • You can not send any active weblink in text message.
  • People do not rely on WhatsApp messages campaign because it delivered by unknown sender number

Why we recommend Digital SMS marketing in place of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing?

  • It is legal way of bulk reach
  • Cost effective
  • You can send active link of Image, Audio,Video and Document
  • You can promote Website, App or Social Media account by Weblink
  • It maintains 100% delivery ratio
  • Message delivery with Brand name (Sender ID)
  • Good for commercial use

Using WHATSAPP SMS MARKETING Service for Promotion we will easily send massive amount of WHATSAPP PROMOTIONAL SMS MESSAGES to your targeted customers As we all know WhatsApp is basically an excellent tool for messaging and is almost freed from cost. it’s got everything including SMS, MMS. But today full web mart is an online MARKETING FIRM, and have decided to travel into WHATSAPP SMS PROMOTION SERVICE because this application has the potential of getting clients for local businesses quite the other thing. It are often the simplest Local Marketing Resource. you’ll send great deal of messages with none limit. And it’s available for all smartphone platforms including Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Android , Windows Mobile, Symbian. all is using it because you don’t need to attend an internet site then fill details then confirm our identity to use it. It verifies your mobile number and you’re done! it’s quite just an SMS. you’ll easily send your latest product images or company coupons to your customers without paying the expensive MMS costing.


  • 1 Credits Contains 1000 Character Text, 1 Image, 1 Audio, 1 Video And 1 PDF File
  • Online Gateway
  • You Can Set Your DP
  • Support For All Language
  • Affordable Cost
  • 100% Delivery On WhatsApp Numbers
  • Send Upto 1 Million Messages In A Day
  • Instant Delivery Of Messages
  • Credits Deduction Only For WhatsApp Users
  • Redundant Networks For Sending Messages
  • We Also Offer Reseller Panel To Our Client With The Capability To Add Unlimited Users. A User Also Can Resale The WhatsApp Credit.
  • 24 X 7 Online Assistance And Complete Support


WhatsApp CreditsRate Per Credits (Paisa)Amount ()
10000 Credits46 Paisa4600
50000 Credits37 Paisa18500
100000 Credits32 Paisa32000
300000 Credits31 Paisa93000
500000 Credits25 Paisa125000
1000000 Credits20 Paisa200000